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North Tartan/Minnesota Fury Midwest Spectacular






North Tartan and Minnesota Fury are working together on their first annual

Midwest Spectacular, scheduled for September 28th 

Minnesota Stars Under Armour Shootout







The 1st Minnesota Stars Under Armour Shootout is scheduled for September 28th. 

The Video Vault

We will be opening the "Video Vault" where we will post any submitted videos on a page only accessible to college coaches. We hope this will help enable coaches to see video of players they may be recruiting. If you would like to have a video placed in the video vault mail it to:

5 State Hoops 

324 3rd Ave NE

St Cloud, MN 56304

Videos may also be emailed to: chuckthompson@5statehoops.com 

Again, these videos will be made available to college coaches only. 

*We will mail back all videos. 

Haley Martin Verbals UIU







Haley Martin verbals Upper Iowa

*Martin is a 6'2" 2015 Post from Mound Westonka and Minnesota Suns AAU

Minnesota Comets Showcase





Minnesota Comets Showcase information. The event is scheduled for September 14th. 

Minnesota Girls Basketball Coaches

Minnesota Girls Basketball Coaches, make sure you get your info submitted to be included in the Breakdown Basketball book this year. Great publication and great way to promote your team and players!

Breakdown Girls Basketball

Updated 2016 Player Rankings (Subscription Post)

Notes (Tuesday, August 19th)







5 State Hoops Notes for Tuesday, August 19th

*To add a note contact chuckthompson@5statehoops.com 

5 Questions with Anika Fredrick





5 Questions: Anika Fredrick 

Anika is a 2015 graduate of Buffalo (MN) High School who recently verballed with Northern State. She is a member of Minnesota Comets Elite AAU 








Across the Wire for Tuesday, August 19th


Basketball Links, Drills & Set Plays from our Twitter Feed 

5 Questions With Jessica Shepard






5 Questions: Jessica Shepard

Jessica recently represented team USA in the U18 FIBA Americas Championships in Colorado Springs. She helped lead her High School (Fremont, NE) to the State Tournament last year, and plays her AAU Basketball with All Iowa Attack 11th Nike. 








5 Questions: Jeremy Post 

Jeremy Post is the Head Girls Basketball Coach at White Bear Lake. They are coming off a season where they finished 25-4 and reached the Section 4AAAA Championship Game. 








Across the Wire for Monday, August 18th 

Basketball Links, Drills & Set Plays from our Twitter Feed 

Friday, August 15th

5 Questions with Greg Dietel Head Coach at Jordan High School and Head Coach of North Tartan Nike Elite 

Thursday, August 14th

5 Questions with Chris Carr, Head Coach at Eden Prairie High School and Owner/Director of 43 Hoops 

Wednesday, August 13th

5 Questions with Richard Schiell, Head Coach Team Wisconsin Select White, and Assistant Coach at the University of St Thomas

Tuesday, August 12th

5 Questions with Courtney Fredrickson of Minnetonka High School/North Tartan Nike Elite 

Monday, August 11th

5 Questions with Martha Kuderer of Eden Prairie High School/Minnesota Fury AAU



Updated Tuesday, August 12th

8/12: Updated SMBA 



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Sunday, August 10th (Subscription Post)



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Coaches Team Preview Link


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Player Data Form 


Upcoming Coverage

September 20th:

WBCA/WisSports.net Prep Showcase

Wisconsin Dells, WI     1:00-6:30 PM


September 27th:

Battle of the Programs                           

Chicago, IL

Basketball Notes

If you have any basketball notes or information, please contact chuckthompson@5statehoops.com 


We are always trying to find hoops information, and events to cover!

Friday, August 8th


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Friday, August 8th


*Twitter Basketball Links, Drills & Set Plays


Thursday, August 7th

An Opportunity Is Knocking 

Looking to gather ideas on creating a true Regional AAU Rankings System

Tuesday, August 5th (Subscription Post)

2014 AAU Players of the Year (Class of 2015, 2016, 2017)

Players of the Year, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd team lineups from the 5 States

Subscription Link to 5 State Hoops 

Tuesday, August 5th (Subscription Post)

Tuesday, August 5th (Subscription Post)

Tuesday, August 5th


*Basketball Tidbits, if you want a note added contact chuckthompson@5statehoops.com 

Monday, August 4th


*Basketball Tidbits, if you want a note added contact chuckthompson@5statehoops.com 

Monday, August 4th

Today at 5 State Hoops (Wednesday, July 30th)

Going to be posting a lot of our 5 Stars from games at Meltdown today, tons of emails/calls to keep catching up on, a busy, but fun, time of the year!

Final 2016 AAU Team Rankings 

Across the Wire

MELTDOWN 5 STARS from games we covered

Kansas Hoopsters 70, Dakota Blue Devils 52

Purple Aces 8th 42, One More Step 34

SMBA 17s 49, Oshkosh Flight 40

WBA Prestige Grey 58, Minnesota Stars Blascziek 43

Wisconsin Lakers Gold 41, ND Pro 14U 28

Wisconsin Blizzard Hawley 51, Minnesota Fury Gold 28


Today at 5 State Hoops (Monday, July 28th)

Started posting a lot of Meltdown content yesterday, with tons more throughout today. 


Best of Meltdown Day 4 (Saturday)

Final 2018 5-State AAU Team Rankings

Northern Lights 10th Grade Finishes 5th at AAU DII National Championships

*Thanks to Adam Johnson for submitting this article

Across the Wire

Twitter Links, Drills & Set Plays

Today at 5 State Hoops (Sunday, July 27th)

Should be seeing content added throughout the day, so check back periodically. 

Best of Meltdown Day 3 (Friday)   

*games from Eden Prairie

Best of Meltdown Day 2  (Thursday)

Best of Meltdown Day 1 (Wednesday)

*5 teams & 10 players from the games Chuck Thompson covered

Congratulations to the Meltdown Champions:

Platinum Red Division: Team Wisconsin Select Black

Platinum White Division: North Tartan 14U West

Platinum Blue Division: North Tartan 15U

Green Division: Legends of Wisconsin Blue

Black Division: Kansas Hoopsters

Yellow Division: North Tartan 13U 

Orange Division: Wisconsin Hoops Select 15

Purple Division: Wisconsin Lakers Gold 

Pink Division: North Tartan 13U West 

Maroon Division: Wisconsin Blizzard Weiner 

Today at 5 State Hoops (Tuesday, July 22nd)

Today at 5 State Hoops (Friday, July 18th)

Meltdown: Platinum White Division Preview

Updated 2017 AAU Team Rankings

*Some new squads enter rankings after we got to see them in Ames

Across the Wire

Will be adding content through the evening

Today at 5 State Hoops (Thursday, July 17th)


Back at it today after a busy day on the road yesterday.


Meltdown Preview: Platinum Red Division

North Tartan Meltdown Pools Released

Updated 2016 AAU Team Rankings

Coaching Opportunity at University of St Catherine

Across the Wire 

Collection of Twitter links, drills, set plays


SUBSCRIPTION: Updated 2015 Player Rankings as we put the verballed players back in the list, list has grown to 277 players


Still to come:

Updated 2017 AAU Team Rankings



Today at 5 State Hoops (Tuesday, July 15th)


WIll have several posts today, busy Tuesday!

Updated 2015 AAU Team Rankings

Stars Hersch go 3-2 in Chicago

Across the Wire (our daily collection of links from our Twitter feed)



(Subscription Link)

Best of Simply the Best (Ames, IA)  

Today at 5 State Hoops (Monday, July 14th)



Dakota Challenge Player Notes:

Minnesota Comets 10th Elite 57, South Dakota North Stars 10th 36

Minnesota Stars Antl 49, Dakota Schoolers 15s 32

Across the Wire

Stars Crossfire goes 7-1 in Tennessee

Scholarship Opportunity for 2014 Grad (Missouri Valley College)


Team of the Week: North Tartan 14U West (Subscription)

Updated 2015 Player Rankings (Subscription)

*List only includes non-verballed players


Still to come today:

Several event updates

Game/player notes form Dakota Challenge

Top teams/players from Simply the Best (Subscription)


New Events from 5 State Hoops



MARCH 28, 2015:

We will be hosting our first Unsigned Seniors Showcase. This is an opportunity for players still seeking an opportunity to play at the college level following the completion of their high school seasons in the Class of 2015.

The event will be open to players from the 5 State region who have not commited to a school at that point. Players will be divided into teams, have practice time with their coaches, then play games against other teams.

We will release all the details soon, but think this will be a great chance for players who want to play college basketball to have a showcase to do so in front of college coaches.



Coverage from Simply the Best

TWITTER: @ChuckThompson2

Ensure your player data is accurate by entering it into our free data base we use to get info to college coaches.

Player Data Form


EVENT CHAMPIONS are listed in post below.


We will be working on these until all games are posted, thanks for your patience!


Minnesota Fury 2017 Blue 48, All Iowa Attack 9th Nike 39 (Player Notes Game)

Minnesota Fury 2018 Blue 38, Legacy Select 30 (Player Notes Game)


North Tartan West 14U 49, Minnesota Fury 2017 Blue 42

South Dakota Attack 17U 71, Team Fury 11th Select 37 (Player Notes Game)

Nebraska Lasers 43, Minnesota Fury 2016 Blue 39

North Tartan 14U 53, All Iowa Attack 9th Nike 45

North Tartan 14U West 65, Dakota Schoolers 16s 47

Minnesota Hustle 16U 47, All Iowa Attack HS Regional 21

Northwest Iowa Stars Black 58, Dakota Schoolers 17s 48

North Tartan 16U 57, South Dakota Heat 39

All Iowa Attack 9th National I 48, Minnesota Thunderbirds 2017 37


Wisconsin Hoops Select Staples 64, Michigan Crossover 15U 56

All Iowa Attack 10th Nike 77, Northwest Iowa Stars 33

Retro Hoops Gold 46, Minnesota Fury 2015 Gold 40

Minnesota Comets Elite 11th 48, Missouri Lady Warriors 27

South Dakota Attack 17U 49, Minnesota Fury 2016 Blue 44

North Tartan Nike Elite 54, Michigan Crossover 16U 26

All Iowa Attack 11th Nike 54, Tree of Hope (WA) 45

Midwest Elite 76, Minnesota Fury Elite 58

North Tartan 16U 44, Team Wisconsin Select Grey 39 (OT)

So-Minn Fury 2015 66, All Iowa Attack 11th National II 26

North Iowa Fire 58, Western Iowa Elite 56

This Weeks Schedule at 5 State Hoops

Follow Arike Ogunbowale and the USA U17 National Team in the World Championships. (Currently 6-0, play Hungary Sunday in Gold Medal Game)

USA Womens U17 World Championship


Fill out our Player Data Form to ensure we get accurate info to College Coaches!


5 State Hoops Simply the Best Game Coverage Schedule



Across the Wire

How'd they do in college? Minnesota Fury Class of 2013 (Subscription)



Across the Wire

Final 2021 Team AAU Rankings

How'd they do in college? Minnesota Stars Class of 2013 (Subscription)

Updated 2016 Player Rankings (Subscription)

*Rankings are beginning to build in more non-Minnesota players as we see them.



Across the Wire

Final 2020 Team AAU Rankings

Game Recaps from Great Plains Alliance:

-Comets 9th Elite 54, Minnesota Suns Long 29

-Minnesota Comets 11th Elite 48, Northern Blizzard 35

-Dakota Schoolers 9th vs ND Pro

-Minnesota Suns Fassett vs Minnesota Comets 10th Elite

-Minnesota Suns Jones vs ND Phenom

-Minnesota Suns Hill 49, Minnesota Comets 11th Regional 48

Program of the Week: Minnesota Fury (Subscription Content)

Updates 2015 Player Rankings (Subscription Content)



Across the Wire

*Daily collection from Twitter feed of stories, drills/set plays & the day in pictures

Final 2019 Team AAU Rankings

Game Recaps from Great Plains Alliance:

-Platinum Championship: Minnesota Suns McGowan 50, MN Comets Elite 11th 47 (OT)

-Gold Championship: NC Heat 49, MN Comets Elite 9th 44

-Semifinals: Minnesota Suns McGowan vs Dakota Schoolers 11th

-NC Heat 53, Dakota Schoolers 9th 37

-SD Cyclones 57, SMBA 33


Team of the Week: Minnesota Suns McGowan (Subscription Content)

Great Plains Alliance Recap/Player Notes (Subscription)

Teams: MN Suns McGowan, MN Comets Elite, Dakota Schoolers 11th, NC Heat, SD Cyclones.

Players: Allison Brandts, Jada Buford, Megan Bultsma, Mira Ellefson, Madi Greenwaldt, Emma Johnson, Courtney Magnuson, Masengo Mutanda, Taylor Paulsrud, Alexis Peterson, Kayla Schaefer, Hailey Sorenson, Naomi Torgerson, Emily Veroeven, Lyrik Williams



Across the Wire

How'd they do in college? Minnesota Fury Class of 2013 (Subscription)



Independence Day, then travel day for myself to Iowa



Reports kick in from Ames and the Simply the Best Event

Today at 5 State Hoops (Tuesday, June 24th)

Going to have a TON of content again today as we continue to work through 300+ pages of info from our writers at Summer Jam.

Boxscores/5 Stars for 20+ games will post today

Lake Nokomis Championship: Minnesota Stars Nelson 54, WI Xtreme 7th 28

Mille Lacs Championship: Purple Aces 8th 44, Minnesota Stars Phelps 37

All Iowa Attack 10th Nike 58, North Tartan 16U 46

All Iowa Attack 9th Nike 49, Minnesota Fury 2017 Blue 42

Gym Rats 52, ND Pro 15U Blue 51 (Boxscore/Recap)

Iowa Eclipse 11th 58, Minnesota Stars DeWitt 50

Minnesota Fury 2016 Blue 52, Team Wisconsin Select Black 42

Minnesota Metro Stars Black 55, ND Pro 17U 53

Minnesota Stars Hersch 48, Kingdom Hoops Red 16 23

ND Pro 15U 41, Team Iowa Platinum 29

North Tartan Nike Elite 70, Kingdom Hoops Elite 17 65

Team Wisconsin Select Red 56, Minnesota Comets 11th Select 49


Also, look for updated AAU Team Rankings for 2016/2017 teams.

2016 AAU Team Rankings Top 15 (June 24th)

2016 AAU Team Rankings Top 15 (June 24th)



We also introduce our subscription items today. Our intention is to provide the most FREE, as well as the most subscription content daily. It's a lot of work, but with the new staff additions and our dedication to just one thing, girls hoops, we think you'll be happy with the results.

We are finalizing 5 State Hoops events, and we hope that if you choose a subscription you will see the benefits in our events coverage as well. A team sponsorship also gets you an advertisement (if you wish) and a guarantee that your favorite team will get game coverage. College coaches will quickly find our weekly updates will be thorough and beneficial.

Thanks for your support of our site!


Team of the Week: North Tartan Nike Elite

Fair Expectations for AAU Parents

*what your AAU program should be doing to help promote your child


Today at 5 State Hoops (Monday, June 23rd)

TWITTER: @ChuckThompson2   @bhansen41


We will have a LOT of content today, and throughout the week. We will start getting game posts going and there are a LOT of them, over 60 games covered by the crew! It'll take a few days to get them all loaded up.

We'll start out with some new rankings:

2015 AAU Team Rankings (All Ages)

2015 AAU Team Rankings


We will start out with our boxscores and 5 Stars of the game, then adding recaps tomorrow and Wednesday so we can pour out as many games each day as we can! Remember, ALL our games were covered by our staff live, no relying on 2nd hand info or boxscore info only! For best boxscore view, click on Player Stats tab.


Lake Minnetonka Championship: North Tartan Nike Elite 58, All Iowa Attack Nike 50

Lake Calhoun Championship: North Tartan 14U 46, North Tartan 14U Silver 36

Lake Harriet Championship: North Tartan 13U 49, Central Wisconsin Thunder 8th 27

Lake of the Woods Championship: KIngdom Hoops Elite 8th 41, Minnesota Stars Antl 35

All Iowa Attack 11th Nike 63, Minnesota Fury 2016 Blue 29

All Iowa Attack 11th National I 69, Minnesota Lakers Mayer 45

Kingdom Hoops Elite 17 60, Minnesota Fury 2015 Elite 50

Kingdom Hoops Red 16 65, So-Minn Fury 2015 61 (OT)

Minnesota Comets 11th Select 54, Mandan Black 50

Minnesota Fury 2015 Gold 59, ND Phenom 11th 50

Minnesota Comets Elite 51, Minnesota Stars Taylor 46

Minnesota Comets 11th Select 37, Quad City Attack Lime 32

Minnesota Metro Stars Black 52, Team Wisconsin Select Grey 49

Minnesota Stars Hersch 57, North Tartan Silver 15U 24

Minnesota Stars Hofschild 45, Minnesota Fury 2016 Gold 37

North Tartan Nike Elite 78, All Iowa Attack 10th Nike 41

Northern Lites 17U 41, Quad City Attack Lime 30

Team Iowa Navy 54, Charity Warriors 39

Team Wisconsin Select Red 52, Husker Elite Red 43


Congrats to the Summer Jam Champions:

*with Championship Teams leading scorer

Lake Minnetonka: North Tartan Nike Elite (Leading Scorer: Madi Guebert, 11.0)

Red Lake: All Iowa Attack National I (Nicole Miller, 16.0)

Lake Calhoun: North Tartan 14U (DeAnna Winston, Mikayla Hayes, 10.5)

Leech Lake: Iowa Eclipse 11th

Lake Harriet: North Tartan 13U (Erika Hicks, 13.3)

Lake of the Woods: Kingdom Hoops Elite 8th (Rachel Neumann, 14.2)

White Bear Lake: North Tartan 13U West (Whitney Dold, 11.3)

Mille Lacs Lake: Purple Aces 8th (Brehna Evans, Kailee Van Zeeland, 10.5)

Lake Nokomis: Minnesota Stars Nelson (Kallie Theisen, 20.2)

Pelican Lake: Iowa Barnstormers 7th (Alex Wiese, 9.8)

Otter Tail Lake: North Tartan 11U West (Kendal Cox, Lydia Haack 7.8)

Gull Lake: KC Lightning 5th (Serena Sundell, 12.6)

This Week at 5 State Hoops (Sunday, June 8th-Saturday, June 14th)


Twitter: Chuck Thompson @ChuckThompson2

Twitter: Bret Hansen @bhansen41

Facebook: FiveState Hoops


We will be doing some restructuring next week, which will include some premium content. ALL game articles and interviews are, and always will be FREE content, but we will add some premium content to help the site grow as we move forward. Thanks for all the support and encouragement from our followers!

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Girls hoops, and ONLY girls hoops is our focus!



Breakdown Summer Showcase: Mankato, Saturday & Sunday (2 Events)

North Iowa Fire Father's Day Shootout Brackets

Wisconsin Lakers Run N Gun Brackets



Summer Jam Brackets Released (no times posted yet)

Julie Hagert verbals Concordia-St Paul (Press Release)

First Breakdown Showcase Preview, Mankato, Saturday, June 14th

Breakdown Showcase Preview, Mankato, Sunday, June 15th

5 Questions: Carly Kottsick of ND Pro 14U & Fargo Davies High School

5 Questions: Naomi Torgerson of Minnesota Suns Hill & Anoka High School



How'd They Do? Class of 2013: North Tartan

*Each day this week and next we will look at top AAU programs and how their Class of 2013 did in their freshman seasons of college.

Team of the Week: Minnesota Charity Warriors Elite

Program of the Week: Minnesota Fury

5 Questions with Meghan Mandel of Minnesota Stars Martin & Orono High School



5 Questions with Brooke Heggie of Minnesota Metro Stars Black & Alexandria

5 Questions with Sydney Weierke of Minnesota Heat Lund & Totino-Grace

Minor changes to AAU Team Rankings for 2016, 2018, 2019

Updated 2020 AAU Team Rankings

Updated 2021 AAU Team Rankings

Recruiting Roundup: Saint Mary's University



Notes from Minnesota Suns Summer Xplosion

Updated 2015 AAU Team Rankings

*Minor changes with most teams off, but Minnesota Warriors making noise as they move up rankings

Updated Top 15 (All Ages) AAU Team Rankings

*VERY minor changes

5 Questions with Lyndsey Robson of North Tartan and Apple Valley

5 Questions with Zach Otto-Fisher, Head Coach of Glencoe-Silver Lake and Minnesota Fury 2017 Gold


Congratulations to the following teams on their Championships at the Minnesota Suns Summer Xplosion:

Turtle Lake Division: Minnesota Warriors Elite

Rattail Lake Division: Minnesota Suns Hill

Marsh Pond Division: Minnesota Suns Fassett

Mudd Lake Division: ND Pro 14U

Whaletail Lake Division: Minnesota Fury Gold 2017

Lake of the Isles Division: Minnesota Fury Blue 2019

Hooper Lake Division: Central Wisconsin Thunder

French Lake Division: Minnesota Metro Stars 12U

Lake Arrowhead Division: Minnesota Fury Blue 2020

Bass Lake Division: Minnesota Fury Gold 2020

Pelican Lake Division: Urban Stars Black