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The Week Ahead

Weekend Event coverage of MN Comets Shootout (Sat) and Kickoff Classic in Bloomington (Sun)

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Today at 5 State Hoops (Thursday, April 17th)

Today's Newly Added AAU Teams, with roster where available:

*MANY AAU teams already entered under AAU Programs (go to 5 State 2014 AAU) listing of teams will come up.


Charity Warriors (updated with team photo)

High Impact 9th

Minnesota Comets 10th Elite

Minnesota Comets 10th Regional

Minnesota Comets 10th Blue

Minnesota Comets 9th Elite

Minnesota Comets 9th Regional

Minnesota Comets 9th Blue (No Roster)

Minnesota Fury 2017 Gold

Minnesota Stars 10th Hulke

Minnesota Suns 15U/10th Fassett

North Tartan 15U Silver

Northern Lights 10th

West Central Wildcats 9th Blue

Gonna be a bit slower today, but as the day goes on I will link the new pages we update, which will be quite a bit as you'll see.

I also wanted to take today to get some info out. If you're a High School or AAU coach or AAU director and you would like to have full access to your team page/pages, shoot me an email at ctdiesel@yahoo.com and I'll tell you how to get set up.

I'm not a professional photographer by any means, so any parents or coaches that would be willing to send photos we could use would be appreciated.

My one man operation is now officially a two man operation. Veteran boys coach, as well as family friend, Bret Hansen has agreed to officially join the 5 State Hoops family. He will give great insight, and as a veteran coach will be able to share his understanding of the game with our readers. Bret and his wife Cari have a son Daniel, who was born at 1 pound, and is getting close to coming home after a long hospital stay, but Daniel is tough and everyone looks forward to that day! Bret is also the Godson of my youngest, my son Isaac. I'm excited he'll be joining us!

We will have content added throughout the day, we always do, so if you want to check in later as well it would be appreciated.

Thanks for the support of the site, it means more than you know. We will be setting up team and program sponsorship options next Monday. If you would consider sponsoring a High School or AAU team for the year it would be appreciated. Our content will always be FREE, but we have to work on ways to help offset the costs of all the travel and time commitments.

Thanks, hope the snow melts in time for Easter,

Chuck Thompson

Today at 5 State Hoops (Wedneday, April 16th)

If you were involved with a team that played in the Midwest Kickoff Classic in the Gold, Silver or Diamond divisions, your results (which I have) can be found by going to 5statehoops.com and going to AAU Programs tab and clicking on 5 State AAU. Most teams have rosters as well. If you have individual scoring or final team scores from games I don't have I will add them if you email ctdiesel@yahoo.com

Today's Posts:

Road to Recovery (Part 1) by Mackenzie Uter

*Last week we introduced Hannah Schaub of Park Center on her road to coming back from ACL surgery to her senior year of High School. Today, we have Part 1 of the Road to Recovery by Mackenzie Uter, a senior at Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted who tore her ACL in the Class AA State Semifinals. She will be playing her college basketball at St Cloud State University. I want to thank Mackenzie for starting her story with us today.

Interview with Johanna Kettner, a post with Minnesota Valley Lutheran and Southern Minnesota Basketball Academy

A lot of things I wanted to get out there today from the MN Girls Basketball Coaches Association. They do a lot of great work, including some of the following:

All Star Game Rosters

All-State Teams

Section Coaches of the Year

State Coaches of the Year

Team Academic Awards

Individual Academic Awards

State Champions by Season

Miss Basketball Winners

*Tons of historical information on the site, worth some viewing time today!


Updated News Articles on Team Pages:

St Croix Lutheran


Plus, finishing up more pieces. Keeping busy so I don't have to think about the snow rolling in!

Today at 5 State Hoops (Tuesday, April 15th)

Today High 5 Posts:

Updated Player Rankings:

*Will be adding many AAU teams to players throughout day, and will be adding in some new players as well

*Class of 2018 Will Update Tomorrow, I have a lot of new players to add in.

Class of 2015 (Top 160)

Class of 2016 (Top 125)

Class of 2017 (Top 100)


I've had a TON of emails the last couple days getting me information on players and teams. All the email is greatly appreciated, as is your support of the site, a sincere thank you!


Today at 5 State Hoops (Monday, April 14th)

Today's High Five Lineup:

*Should have Player Notes, AAU Team Rankings, Top Teams of the Weekend and All-Underrated Team posted by Noon

1. Saturday Notes from Minnesota Comets Shootout (scroll down page for story)

2. Championship Sunday notes from Midwest Kickoff Classic (scroll down page for story)

3. New AAU Team Rankings for the 2015, 2016, 2017 Classes

2015 Rankings Updated

2016 Rankings Updated

2017 Rankings Updated

4. Top Teams of the Weekend

5. All-Underrated Team- 5 Players I need to move up in my player rankings Tuesday.

Championship Sunday at Midwest Kickoff Classic

Gold Bracket Championship:

North Tartan Nike Elite 67, Minnesota Stars Martin 47

Player of the Game: T T Starks (North Tartan)

Top Performances: Arike Ogunbowale (North Tartan), Kiara Russell (Stars), Courtney Fredrickson (North Tartan), Nia Hollie (Stars)

North Tartan Scoring: T T Starks 17, Courtney Fredrickson 9, Caroline Shelquist 9, Madi Guebert 7, Alex Wittinger 6, Monica Burich 5, Viria Livingston 5, Arike Ogunbowale 5, Hannah Stewart 2, Sam Trammel 2

Stars Scoring: Kiara Russell 14, Ashley Bates 10, Nia Hollie 9, LaShayla Wright 4, Jazz Martin 3, Alaina Jarnot 3, Liz Bulver 2, Tyrah Spencer 2

Silver Bracket Championship

Minnesota Metro Stars 15U 46, Minnesota Lakers 11th 35

Player of the Game: Bailey Helgren (Metro Stars)

Top Performances: Annika Jenk (Metro Stars), Julia Charon (Lakers), Evelyn Knox (Metro Stars)

Metro Stars Scoring: Bailey Helgren 11, Kitri Zezza 7, Annika Jank 6, Jess Montouri 6, Evelyn Knox 5, Julia Burhim 4, Siri Veker 3, Sierra Bagstad 2, Claire Blascziek 2

Lakers Scoring: Julia Charon 8, Kristin Fleissner 8, Megan Laplante 5, Madison Nelson 4, Danielle Wiggins 4, Kirsten Keefe 2, Madison Larabee 2, Hunter Miller 2

Gold Bracket Semi-Finals:

North Tartan Nike Elite 59, Minnesota Fury 2016 Blue 20

Player of the Game: Arike Ogunbowale (North Tartan)

Top Performances: Hannah Stewart (North Tartan), Courtney Fredrickson (North Tartan), T T Starks (North Tartan), Sam Trammel (North Tartan)

North Tartan Scoring: Arike Ogunbowale 13, Hannah Stewart 13, Courtney Fredrickson 8, Madi Guebert 7, Sam Trammel 6, T T Starks 6, Monica Burich 4, Alex Wittinger 2

Fury Scoring: Taylor Koenen 5, Erika Schlosser 4, Ally Gorres 3, Bri Miller 2, Jamie Ruden 2, Abby Kain 2

Gold Bracket Semi-Finals:

Minnesota Stars 10th Martin 63, Minnesota Fury 2015 Elite 60

Player of the Game: Nia Hollie (Stars)

Top Performances: Martha Kuderer (Fury), LaShayla Wright (Stars), Hanna Vidlund (Fury)

Stars Scoring: Nia Hollie 16, Ashley Bates 14, Kiara Russell 13, LaShayla Wright 10, Jazz Martin 8, Kaezha Wubben 2

Fury Scoring: Martha Kuderer 18, Hanna Vidlund 18, Danielle Gitzen 9, Taylor Hagen 7, Kanani Asuncion 3, Hana Metoxen 3, Nicole Parsons 2

Emerald Championship:

Minnesota Suns 13U/8th Long 45, Minnesota Metro Stars 13U 37

Player of the Game: Emily Miletich (Suns)

Top Performers: Rachel Garvey (Metro Stars), Kennedy Boysen (Suns), Sydney Blandin (Metro Stars)

Suns Scoring: Emily Miletich 15, Kennedy Boysen 12, Theresa Grace Mbanefo 8, Thea Kluge 5, Ty'neecia Longs 4, Mackenzie Anderson 1

Metro Stars Scoring: Rachel Garvey 12, Sydney Blandin 8, Alyssa Wagner 7, Rachel Hakes 5, Lily Schoknecht 3, Sydney Zgutowicz 2

Pearl Championship:

Minnesota Fury 2018 Blue 43, North Tartan 14U Silver 40

Player of the Game: Gabby Mocchi (Fury)

Top Performers: Mariah Sexe (North Tartan), Elizabeth Edinger (Fury), Noelle Tomes (Tartan)

Fury Scoring: Gabby Mocchi 11, Jordan Ferrand 8, Amanda Pollard 7, McKenna Monahan 5, Ellie Wolkow 5, Elizabeth Edinger 5, MaKenzie Rensch 2

North Tartan Scoring: Mariah Sexe 13, Noelle Tomes 12, Samantha Hogan 6, Allie Pickrain 5, Ellie Kreibich 2

Saturday: Day 1 of Minnesota Comets Shootout

The AAU season kicked off in full force Saturday as I attended the opening day of the Minnesota Comets Shootout, here are some notes from each of the 12 games I covered. We will have extensive notes from both the Comets Shootout and Midwest Kickoff Classic on Monday, and as always, 100% of our content is free.

Comets 9th Elite 54, Foley Falcons 35

Top Performers: Hailey Sorenson (Comets), Madisyn Radtke (Comets), Danielle Williams (Comets)

MN Fury 2017 Gold over Northern Lites 9th (SD)

Top Performers: Caitlyn Peterson (Fury), Taylor Bray (Fury), Rachel Hoenemann (Norhtern Lites)

MN Stars Antl 9th 58, Minnesota Comets Blue (9th) 12

Top Performers: Paige Comer (Stars), Adri Perron (Stars), Ashley Freund (Stars)

North Tartan 15U Silver 41, Minnesota Comets 10th Blue 22

Top Performers: Sidney Schiffler (North Tartan), Paige Dobberstein (North Tartan), Morgan Reidinger (North Tartan)

Northern Lights (10th) 44, Minnesota Comets 10th Regional 24

Top Performers: Kassidy Steen (Northern Lights), Megan Aho (Northern Lights), Alex Johnson (Minnesota Comets)

West Central Wildcats Orange (9th) 62, MN Heat Winey (9th) 42

Top Performers: Sadie Stelter (West Central), Erin Saemrow (MN Heat), Abby Olson (West Central)

MN Fury 2017 Blue 45, MN Comets 11th Select 19

Top Performers: Jolene Daninger (Fury), Claire Killian (Fury), Kristin Scott (Fury)

Suns McGowan over Northern Lights (MN)

Top Performers: Dani Bischoff (Suns), Taylor Anderson (Suns), Taylor Paulsrud (Suns)

Minnesota Comets 10th Elite 43, MN Stars Hulke 29

Top Performers: Emma Atkinson (Comets), Madi Greenwaldt (Comets), Miranda Phipps (Stars)

Minnesota Heat Lund (10th) 48, Minnesota Comets 11th Regional 26

Top Performers: Alison Hinck (Heat), BriAnna Karg (Heat), Sydney Weierke (Heat)

Charity Warriors 11th 68, Minnesota Comets Select 11th 47

Top Performers: No roster available for Charity Warriors, Courtney Magnuson (Comets), Tiana Brown (Comets)

Minnesota Comets 11th Elite 52, Northern Lites (SD) 11th 28

Top Performers: Rachael Platt (Comets), Adrri Jusczak (Comets), Heidi Cap (Northern Lites)

Today at 5 State Hoops (Friday, April 11th)

Today's High 5 Lineup:

Interview with Courtney Fredrickson (Minnetonka HS/North Tartan)

Practice Notes from Minnesota Heat Jamboree

Photo Gallery from Minnesota Heat Jamboree

Team Preview of Minnesota Fury 2015 Elite

End of Season Round-Up Additions:

Mountain Iron-Buhl End of Season Awards

St Paul City Conference All-Conference Team

Saturday Coverage of Comets Shootout:

8:00 Comets Elite vs Foley (9th Grade), 9:10 Suns Fassett vs Staples-Motley (10th), 10:20 Comets Blue vs MN Stars Antl (9th), 11:30 North Tartan Silver vs Comets Blue (10th), 12:40 Northern Lights (MN) vs Comets Regional (10th), 1:50 9th Grade Quarterfinal Court 2, 3:00 Comets Select vs Minnesota Fury 2017 Blue (11th), 4:10 Suns McGowan vs Northern Lights (MN) (11th), 5:20 Comets Elite vs MN Extreeme (10th), 6:30 Comets Regional vs Heat Lund (11th), 7:40 Comets Select vs Charity Warriors (11th), 8:50 Comets Elite vs Northern Lites (SD) (11th)

Sunday Coverage of Midwest Kickoff Classic:

9:10 Pearl Championship, 10:20 Silver Consolation Game, 11:30 Diamond Championship, 12:40 Pink Championship, 1:50 Silver Championship, 3:00 Gold Championship, 4:10 Blue Championship



For 5 State Hoops Updates, Follow on Twitter: @ChuckThompson2

Today at 5 State Hoops (Thursday, April 10th)

Today's High 5 Lineup:

1. The Road to Recovery (Part 1) by Hannah Schaub

*Hannah is recovering from an ACL tear, and will be sharing her recovery process with us. Her first post is today and gives such unbelievable insight into the struggles and positives on her way back to the court down the road.

2. Practice notes from MN Metro Stars Practice

3. Photo Gallery from MN Metro Stars Practice

4. Preview of the 2015 North Tartan Nike Elite

5. Preview of the 2016 Minnesota Fury Blue


Follow 5 State Hoops Updates on Twitter: @ChuckThompson2

Today at 5 State Hoops (Wednesday, April 9th)

Today at 5 State Hoops (Tuesday, April 8th)

Today's High 5 lineup includes:

1. Minnesota Hustle 16U Practice Notes

2. A MN Hustle Photo Gallery

3. Predictions and Preview of Midwest Kick-Off Classic

(Partial, Gold/Silver/Diamond)

4. Predictions and Preview of MN Comets Shoot-Out

5. The Problem With the Convention by Erin McKinney

Tonight I will be at Crossfire Robertson practice as the AAU tour continues!


Tomorrow's High 5 Include:

Crossfire Robertson Photo Gallery

Crossfire Robertson Practice Notes

Interview with former Sleepy Eye Head Coach Ryan Hulke



Today at 5 State Hoops (Monday, April 7th)

Today begins our Daily High 5's, where we will have 5 new posts every week day (with game coverage nearly weekend as well) through the end of the AAU season at the end of July. Tonight I will be in Maple Grove, attending practice with the Minnesota Hustle 16U team.


1. SMBA Photo Gallery

2. Minnesota Fury Photo Gallery

3. SMBA Practice Notes

4. Minnesota Fury Practice Notes

5. Coach Notes, some notes on some of the great coaches I saw over the weekend with both SMBA and Minnesota Fury

St Michael-Albertville End of Season Awards

Chaska End of Season Notes

Adrian End of Season Notes


1. Minnesota Hustle 16U Photo Gallery

2. Minnesota Hustle 16U Practice Notes

Plus, more being finalized!



Today at 5 State Hoops (Friday, April 4th)


Taking the next big step?

A look at 10 players who you may see in much more prominent roles for some of the stronger programs in the State next season.



Back on the road a lot over the next week, starting tomorrow with Southern Minnesota Basketball Academy and Sunday with Minnesota Fury.

Still getting several end of year items from coaches each day, so we'll get more of those linked up today.

Ortonville Team Awards/Season Recap


Today at 5 State Hoops (Thursday, April 3rd)

Where I'm going. Trying to be more effective at promoting out in advance where I'll be.

Saturday: SMBA Practices

Sunday: MN Fury Practices

Monday: MN Hustle 16U Practice

Tuesday: MN Crossfire Robertson Practice

Wednesday: Hannah Schaub, Park Center, Road to Recovery Part 1

Thursday: MN Heat Jamboree

Saturday 4/12/Sunday 4/13: AAU Events hosted by MN Comets Shootout and Midwest Kick-Off Classic

Wednesday 4/16: Mackenzie Uter, HLWW/SCSU, Road to Recovery Part 1


I will continue to post our end of year submissions, got off to a slow start with a sick kid at home, but should get several of these posted during the day.

Hiawatha Valley League All-Conference

St Agnes Recap/Honors

Suburban East All-Conference

Waconia Season Recap

    Today at 5 State Hoops (Monday, March 31st)

    Busy planning out the week. We will have a Recruiting Report on Thursday, as well as High School Highlights throughout the week as we look back on a great 2013-14 season.

    Today, we take a look at the Oshkosh Flight AAU program, courtesy of Founder Nicholas Levy.

    Erin McKinney, our top Feature Writer, is back with "Just A Little Stitious" a piece all coaches can relate to!

    A great article "The Comeback Kid" about Julie Hagert of Maple Grove HS/MN Hustle. One of the teams housing their info at 5statehoops.com Let me know at ctdiesel@yahoo.com if you'd be willing to utilize a team page!


    *Just one regional team left, the SDSU Jackrabbits, who are in the Womens NIT National Semifinals.


    This weekend's AAU Visits

    Sunday notes from Team Wisconsin practice:

    Practice with Team Wisconsin

    Some notes from Saturday morning at Minnesota Comets practice:

    Practice with the Comets

    Notes from Saturday afternoon with North Tartan AAU in Becker:

    Practice with North Tartan

    *Will have pictures of all three practices Monday morning.


    Today at 5 State Hoops (Friday, March 28th)

    2015s #1 North Tartan

    NEW SITE IS LIVE! All content will remain free. I am adjusting some settings to make sure all links are live. If there is a page you can't access, let me know at ctdiesel@yahoo.com so I can fix the settings!


    The new 1.65 Rule Proposal in Wisconsin

    *How a new rule that would count all enrollments at non-public schools at a 1.65 rate would effect Minnesota basketball classes.

    With so many coaches looking to finish summer schedules, here is a listing of Breakdown Sports Summer Showcases. I always enjoyed coaching in them because you generally get to play one, sit one, play one, sit one, play one and you're done for the day. 3 games in 5 hours.

    Breakdown Sports Girls Basketball Summer Showcases


    We have our new Pre-Season AAU Program Rankings (Minnesota only until AAU events have taken place)






    Off to Becker, MN tomorrow to visit with North Tartan, then Colfax, WI Sunday to check in with Team Wisconsin.